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Mohawk Industries Hardwood Floor

Mohawk hardwood floors have many redeeming characteristics and qualities. Their flooring products are beautiful. Some of these collections include Hand-scraped Santa Barbara, the Hand-Beveled Zanzibar collection, Mohawk Kingsmill collection, the Elysia collection, and much more.

Be sure to leave a review of your favorite Mohawk hardwood floors or browse the other Mohawk floors we have available here at Floors ‘N Floors.

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Mohawk Industries  Reviews

I am exactly the sam

I am exactly the same. There are ceatrin things that catch my eye, then I take a second look, then before I know it I've got a full-blown fashion obsession on my hands that I can't fight. In the past it's been the burberry shearling aviator jacket, Celine classic burnt-orange bag... and now I think these mohawked beauties may be my fixation du jour Xella-lapetiteanglaise.blogspot.com by Gaby posted on Friday, February 28, 2014

I love these button

I love these button clips!! Much more my style than the large haddbenas; I wear a clip to hold back little wispies all the time. I will definitely will need a couple sets of these new items!! Great addition! by Suzi posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Aah! They would look

Aah! They would look gorgeous on you! I saw that same pic at style.com and went gaga.. :) I bouhgt the same YSL pair but without the mohawk, too shy for the real thing I guess! by Carlos posted on Friday, October 02, 2015


I've been OBSESSSSSSSED with them too! I went to YSL to "try them on" *ahem buy them* but I couldn't walk in them =(((( I'm such an old lady now, my blog shuold be 4inchanddown. by Emanuel posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

I probably woduln't

I probably woduln't be able to rock those bad boys, but I know that you would be able to pull them of effortlessly. Definitely buy so. Us readers would be left drooling.heartsandtreasures.blogspot.com by Antoni posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Hello, you have aske

Hello, you have asked about my platform; the first thing that we deteerasply need here in ward 6 is infrastructure repairs. Tom Jackson has promised that he would get repairs done to stop the flooding of our streets and basements, but those just turned out to be empty promises. This is the number issue that constituents address to me at on their doorsteps. We need to stop going after the tax payer each and every year for increases in their tax bill, and then have no progress to show for it. Although it is hard to freeze taxes, it is definitely something that I am willing to strive for. We need to search for the reasons why we are one of the highest taxed municipalities in the country, and then rework the books from there, (what are we doing wrong, and how do we correct it?).In ward 6 and in the GHA we need changes in our government. Mr Jackson has turned a position of public service into a career; his votes reflect his need to protect his career, not for the best of the constituents. He is in it for himself, not for you, me, and our neighbours.I want to have a more accountable government with the use of community councils. Again Mr. jackson is against the use of community councils because they bring about strong leaders in the community; again to protect his career. A community council will make the councillor more transparent and accountable for his/her actions, and bring the voice of the community closer to City Hall. Term limits, and garnishment in pay for absentee councillors, is also on my agenda.We have a big issues with housing, jobs, transit, and businesses that cannot afford to run a business in our community or will not start one in our community for various reasons. These issues all need to be addressed immediately.We need to revitalize our manufacturing sector, and to protect the pensions of those who have worked hard to build this city.With change, we need fresh vision and ideas brought forward to steer hamilton in the right direction for our future. I feel that the waterfall initiative is a good start in changing the attitudes and the view of Hamilton both from inside and outside of this great city.Sincerely,Chris Behrens by Ines posted on Monday, December 21, 2015
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