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Versini Hardwood Floors

Versini hardwood flooring has many interesting collections from the old world. These include Milano, Potenza, Toscana, Palermo, Roma, and Salerno. Each collection has a number of different hardwood flooring designs engraved into the floor.

If you are looking for Versini hardwood flooring, you need not look any further then Floors 'N Floors. Below we have reviews of Versini hardwood flooring. You may purchase a Versini hardwood floor on sale or leave a review.

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Versini Hardwood Floors  Reviews

594Hi! I'm really h

594Hi! I'm really hvinag trouble picking a white for my kitchen cabinets. This isn't the first time I've written to you. I want something bright but not too stark. The counters are Lady's Dream and the floors are a medium wood laminate called Wild Jatoba. The walls are going to be Benjamin Moore Carrington Beige HC-93. The backsplash is going to be 6 6 ivory tumbled stone that will be enhanced and look a bit less light. Inside the glass cabinets will be Cedarvale B13-4, which is a subtle coral color and will be an accent to pick up the color of the existing wallpaper under the chair rail on one wall. My appliances are stainless with black trim. My chairs and sideboard are distressed green-blue with cherry tops that look good with the floor. We have "bright white" recessed florescent lights and sometimes the light looks green. I wish I could find a more natural light.Right now my trim and a door are very white, but I can't remember the color. I'll have to repaint the trim with the cabinet color, but that's a problem with doorways (without doors) because the other side needs to be white. So, back to the cabinets. I tried 50-50 Carrington Beige with Cloud White and it was too dark. The whites seem too bright, but I do want to lighten up the kitchen. What do you recommend? Help! Thank you! by Poenya posted on Friday, February 28, 2014

Buyer beware

Versini "Cosenza" floors have a thick, filmy, sticky layer on surface. No one has a solution for it or even trys to help solve the problem. It is completely different than sample. by carol posted on Friday, July 11, 2014

The purple and yelol

The purple and yelolw look great together and? four different patterns wow, I find that really mind-boggling to even consider trying. Why no comments on this video? by Shul posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

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