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Hardwood Floors

Using crisp photos and drawings, Bollinger goes step by step through the process. You will learn how to estimate materials, select the right kind of wood, prepare the subfloor and achieve a blemish-free finish for an old or new floor. Capella Hardwood Floors

Price: $14.77 $13.57 USD / SQFT

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To get a flooring quote: Click on the buy now button. After clicking on Buy Now, you will be re-directed to the product listing on our affiliate website. To obtain a shipping quote, or an estimate, please click add to cart. Select the number of products you wish to buy and click proceed to checkout. Sign in, or create an account if you do not have one, and you will be given a quote (including shipping cost) on your purchase.

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Hardwood Floors Reviews

"I know where to fin

"I know where to find you," as he wanders off, while I make a bee line for the paint demprtaents. Anyway I've recently made a dirty color boo-boo painting a bathroom- dunmore cream. It's too yellow and too dirty. Sigh. I think I want to go in a Khaki direction with beige-green undertone.But I do have to share a color secret: I bought gorgeous drapes for my bedroom at a clearance sale, and the closest to matching the color of the light/dark blue stripes was an intermediate color woodlawn blue EXCEPT it still wasn't quite right so the color mixer suggested that we take out some of the black and the result is SPECTACULAR. It is so soft so ethereal I am so happy in my bedroom. And it is a perfect midtone right in between the color of the two stripes! This lady has been mixing paint and matching fabrics for 15 years and was a wealth of information.Now my next color decision involves a puplish gray paitn for the upstairs/downstairs hallway/staircase. It is North/South facing but the downstairs portion gets almost no light at all as we have a solid front door. I want that same ethereal feel but with a "first dawn" color so I've found Laura Ashley's Winter Wind LA1513 or Laura Ashley Winter Oak LA114. I want it to look like a wash, bathed in a glow of violet, but dark enough to be visible. There is also Laura Ashley Gray Morning, but it's hard to tell how much violet will show without it being too gray.Donald Kaufman Color also has a shade that is tempting in the same range DKC 36 lovely. Can other people mix those DKC formulas do you know?I feel feverish ..I think it is an illness. Colormania? by Nourhan posted on Friday, February 28, 2014

What I wlduon't give

What I wlduon't give to buy this home! And I live in west MI so it wlduon't even be a problem to move. The only problem is selling my own home first, and coming up with extra money (i'm sure!) to buy that one. What a beaut!! Oh, and I'm one of those Dutch settlement people you're referring to! As we say in MI, 'you ain't much if you ain't dutch'!! by Ved posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

purple is the comple

purple is the complementary color to organe. depending on the shade of organe, you could go more maroon, or more bright like blue- purple. but if that's too bold, you could always go for a rich brown. by Alfi posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

1baI am hoping you c

1baI am hoping you can help me .I am untadipg my kitchen and my home is transitional.Plan on putting in off white cabinetts. My counter tops are one section white silestone and the other is black silestone. Both have silver accents in them. The backspash is pewter tiles and we have Rasberry paint one wall and pewter color paint on another.What color appliances would you choose? by Emy posted on Monday, December 21, 2015

1d0Can I just give y

1d0Can I just give you a HUGE hug for writing this. Same boat: Me: "Cabinets are terbrile, they have to go."Husband: "No way, wood, they are awesome."Me: "They were awesome in 1983, just like shoulder pads. Fine, they are being painted white. Sorry, oak sucks.Him: "Paint WOOD?! Never!"Thanks for making it so clear, I'm sending him this by Ekain posted on Monday, December 21, 2015
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Below are the most popular Capella Hardwood Floors floor models that will add a level of elgance & decor to your home, business, or what ever location you choose.

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